Leak Detection Done Right​

Precision  A wide variety of domestic and irrigation water leaks can be detected with great precision. How does our underground leak detection service work? We use an electronic leak detection device that uses amplified audio noise to reveal the location of the problem. We incorporate an electronic “sniffing” device in our gas leak detection methods.

Experience — Our experience and equipment have proven to be the best assets when it comes to water leak detection.

Cost — The loss of water and the potential damage caused by leaks makes it crucial to hire a gas and water leak detection service promptly. For expert underground gas and water leak detection in L.A., Orange, or Ventura County, contact the D. Lewis Company today.

How do we find leaks?

Our electronic water leak detection equipment picks up amplified audio noise to locate a problem. Even the smallest leak emits a sound, often undetectable to the human ear. Leaks contained inside walls or in pipes underground can go on undetected until serious problems result, and even then, it is often difficult to find the source.

Gas Leak Detection

Gas leak detection in residential, commercial, or institutional settings is vital for maintaining a safe, efficient operation or home. Our electronic “sniffing” device works together with underground leak detection equipment to locate a gas leak and transmit a signal. Difficult to find gas leaks can be lethal if not addressed immediately.

Water Leak Detection

D. Lewis Company technicians are trained experts who take great care in performing precision work for residential and irrigation needs. Preserve your property and save any loss of valuable water, especially as supplies are reduced and water restrictions are increasingly likely throughout L.A. County, Ventura County, and Orange County.